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Subrogation Services

Subrogation Services, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT

Parenteau & O'Hara subrogation attorneys are licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. New England Subrogation, its trade name, reflects its ability as subrogation leaders to recover monies on behalf of its insurance company clients throughout New England. Parenteau & O'Hara provides its subrogation services to insurers, self-insured companies, and national subrogation recovery leaders.

Through its skilled attorneys and staff, Parenteau & O'Hara has recovered millions of dollars in subrogation actions. The ability to rapidly assess strengths and weaknesses in subrogation referrals, Parenteau & O'Hara has been able to aggressively negotiate its subrogation assignments, with the aide of mediation, arbitration, and trials.

Whether its auto subrogation, construction defect subrogation, products liability subrogation, municipal, state, or federal subrogation, or PIP/MEDPAY subrogation, Parenteau & O'Hara attorneys diligently and effectively recover monies for its clients.

Parenteau & O'Hara attorneys are comfortable pursuing subrogation claims that are highly complex as well as subrogation actions in small claims court. All recovery actions handled by our subrogation attorneys are professionally handled from scene inspections, expert witness recommendations, and evidence retention from the initial claims investigation through trial. Securing judgments, executions, and collection on judgments are part of Parenteau & O'Hara's expertise.

Parenteau & O'Hara attorneys are active participants in subrogation education opportunities for its attorneys. Staying on the cutting edge of subrogation's evolution, Parenteau & O'Hara attorneys have handled subrogation actions involving explosions, building collapses, earth movement, appliance defects, spontaneous combustion, and products liability claims to mention a few.

New England Subrogation, as part of Parenteau & O'Hara, with its law practice throughout New England, is prepared and experienced to handle any and all subrogation claims referred. Its subrogation attorneys have vast expertise with coverage issues, its clients rights to pursue subrogation claims, and the ability to recover monies having a positive effect on its clients financial health.

Subrogation Services, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT

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